Simple Tips to stop armpit odor or smell

If you are facing this problem and tried all does then try these home tips.This will show good results.

1.Baking soda

Mix baking soda with lemon juice,apply this mixture wait for 15 minutes then wash with cold water.If you do this regularly you will get good results.


Lemon contains so many Ayurveda values.It contains citric acid and acts as anti bacterial agent.It also helps to stop bad smell of your under arms.Apply lemon juice daily before going to bath.This will help you.

3.Rose water

Rose water stops bad smell.Dip the cotton in rose water apply under your arms.This makes you feel fresh and it is long lasting.


Sandalwood powder gives good results.It is available in market,purchase good one.Mix sandal powder with water and apply it under your arms wait for 20 mins then wash with cold water don’t use soap.For better results mix this powder with vinegar.

5.Natural herbs

So many herbal products are available for this problem,in those walnut leaves,oak leaves,eucalyptus leaves,tornimental leaves.Mix all these leaves without

cutting them,for 5 teaspoons add 2 liters water.Boil this for 5 minutes.Use this daily before going to bath.This makes you to feel good.

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