Beauty Of Pisharikkal Bhagavathi Temple

Pisharikkal Bhagavathi Kshetram is one of the most famous 108 Durgalayas in India. It is situated at Chalakudy Falls, KADALASERRY, THRISSUR district, Kerala.
This temple is also mentioned in Shlokas.


“Valayaalayamma dikkum thaikkadum kadalayilum’

valayaalayam-Urakam Kadalayil-Kadalassery Pisharikkal”.


In Ancient times, Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi pleased to Kadalayil Namboothiri and offered to him. He requested to save the people in his Village. That village name is ‘Peruvanam Gramam’. As well as, Godsess saved the people. After, Kadalayil Namboothiri bulit the Pisharikkal Bhagavati Temple with devotion. He did ‘Prana Prathista with ritual procedures. This is known as Kadalayil but after it is called as Pisharikkal.

This temple is also known as Visharikkal because this diety cures the poison Patients. Another story also available for this reason. Famous Vishavaidyan was stayed at here. He dedicated his all “power to Kadalayil amma”. So , it is called as Visharrikal. Here , prasadam is used as Medicine for Poison Patients.


Devotees celebrate Annual Festival in March or April every year. This festival is called as “Meenam”.
Another famous festival celebrated is Thalappoli.  All girls hold the plate with lamp, flowers and turmeric during this festival.
Navaratri festival
Karthika Day

How to reach Pisharrikal Bhagavati Temple:

Pisharrikal Bhagavathi Temple is exactly situated near Government Hospital in Chalakudy. This temple is located between Angamaly and Thrissur district which is about 50 Kilometers. The nearest airport to this place is Coachin International Airport.

Darshan Timings: Morning 4 am to Evening 5 pm.

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