Facts Behind Serving Milk On First Night After Wedding


Marriage is a holy thing in every man’s life.In India ,there is more importance for first night after marriage. New couple will together physically in this night. Actually, this first night will be held after 4 days of the marriage.Bed room will be decorates with flowers and sweets and fruits.That too bride will take milk to bridegroom. This taking milk has so much importance in first night. So many , don’t know about why she taking milk.Let’s see the fact.

1. For belief

2. In milk proteins are there.These will increase harmon levels.

3.Milk will also increase immunity and digestion power.

4.It also increasing reproducing tissues.

5.And sustain sexual activeness.

6.Milk is re-hydration fluid.

7.For relaxation

8.Gives energy

9.Increase Mood

10.Increase sexual desire

11. Good in blood flow

12. Couples bodies during intercourse are very hot , so milk will cool this.

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