47 Days Brutal Journey To Yama Loka After Death


Death is true. Every birth compulsory has its death. Nobody will escape from death.Is there also journey after death ? Yes, this is true. After death also journey is there.

After suicide ,do you know what happend to their soul ?

Human body will dead body in any day. We are burn or dig on put the body inside the ground.The common question is that , Is human body requesting after death? What happens after death? What will happend to our soul ?

So after death good people go to heaven according hindhu puranas. Who done bad and like bad people will go to hell ,says hindhu puranas.There is a god deciding this about who go to heaven and who go to hell , his name is yama raja.

Is there life after death ?

If after death our soul go to yama raja , how is our journey in between ? Is there also hurdles after death?Let we see what Garuda puranam says about this journey ….

1. 47 days journey

After death there is 47 days to go to yama loka.

2.Doing bad things

Garuda puranam says that people who doing crimes,illegal things,theft will go to hell.

3. Words won’t come

The person who is dying cannot speak anything.But his/her whole life is appear.

4.Intellectual power

His/her last days their intellectual power will increase and understand the world.All senses will gone.Body becomes rigid.

5. Yama warriors

Dying person will see the yama warriors.

6.Mouth will dry

7.For yama warriors their nails are weapons only

8.Yama warriors take the person’s soul

9.If soul is restless but there is no rest after death also

10.Yama warriors will scare the person.

11.After these soul will cry.

12. Yama will not excuse who doing crimes, stealing.

13.Who won’t pray for god and won’t take others mistakes apologies ,yama won’t sent them to heaven.

14.They will beaten by rigid thread

15.They will also walking in burned sand.

16.Souls will drop down after wake up again warriors will punish them

17.After this yama sent their soul to funeral place of his body

18.They know will their relatives doing funeral or not and will his karma goes off? thats why yama sent them to that place

19.If above thing is not happen their soul will circulate around forests.

20.As per garuda puranam after death within 10 days pinda pradanam will happ

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